Dice Bag - Sequin Mermaid Green/Black

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Mermaid Reversible Sequin Dice Bags feature a two-tone reversible sequin fabric that look like the scales of a mermaid's tail. This mermaid dice bag has an iridescent green/dark blue color on one side, and matte black color on the reversible side of the sequin. The interior of the bag is made from black broadcloth fabric.

-  Holds over 20 standard tabletop RPG dice sets (more than 150 dice)!
-  Constructed using reversible sequin fabric, a sturdy 550 paracord drawstring, and our signature red cordlock.
-  The bottom of this bag measures 4"x4" and stands 6" tall.
-  The squared base allows the bag to stand open and upright for easy access to dice.