IOTR City of the Dead Statues & Monuments

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This gorgeous set of miniatures includes several beautifully carved statues & monuments as well as several coffins that can be used in a variety of locations!

This fantastic pre-painted promotional set contains a variety of pieces to create an immersive roleplaying game experience. The perfect setting for your Waterdeep Dragon Heist adventure and a beautiful display set as well!

This Case Incentive contains the following items:
• Weeping Women Statue (x1)
• Cloaked Man Statue (x1)
• Doomed Man Statue (x1)
• Sarcophagus A (x1)
• Sarcophagus B (x4)
• Deva Statue (x2)
• Dwarf & Death Statue (x1)
• Death Bed Statue (x1)
• The Beseecher Statue (x1)
• Man & Skull Statue (x1)