Lovelace & Babbage

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In Lovelace & Babbage, players adopt the roles of 19th-century computing pioneers including Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage. Each player has their own unique abilities and subroutines, providing asymmetric gameplay and new challenges.

Programming an early mechanical engine, players complete tasks for famous 19th-century patrons who award influence in areas such as art, science, and engineering. Turns take place in real-time with players competing over a mix of personal and shared goals as they all program the engine simultaneously. Speed and accuracy are both rewarded, so different play styles and levels of ability can all succeed.

2-4 Players, Age 14+, 15-30 Minutes


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    A quick game of MATH?!?

    Posted by Erick on Jun 20th 2020

    I watched a gameplay walkthrough of this game on and decided to try it out myself. Very happy with it so far. Fairly simple to play through, though the best way to describe to someone else how to play might just be to give them the booklet. Played 2x with my wife, and 2x with my Father in Law, and while I am good at doing math in my head, we’ve all made mistakes with the calculations. I haven’t won yet, and the randomness of the game makes for great replay value. I’m really excited to dive into this a bit more, as there really isn’t one sure fire way to win. You have to be good at basic math, and speed isn’t always the best strategy.