Magic the Gathering Oracle Deck

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From the extraordinary world of Magic: The Gathering comes a beautifully illustrated 52-card oracle deck and guidebook-featuring a pantheon of gods, iconic creatures, and mythical beings from the Greek-inspired plane of Theros.

From the team behind The Dungeons & Dragons Tarot Deck comes this officially licensed oracle deck comprising 52 all-new illustrations that celebrate the characters, creatures, and lore of the world's largest trading card game, Magic: The Gathering. Inspired by Theros, the plane where monsters prevail, mortals endure, and heroes ascend, this deck features Jace, the Planeswalker; Hythonia, the legendary gorgon; and well-known creatures such as the Pegasus, Chimera, Sirens, and more.

With stunning illustrations, The Magic: The Gathering Oracle Deck also features a guidebook that introduces readers to the practice of oracle cards, including instructions on how to use and interpret the cards and descriptions of each card image. Both Theros and oracle cards hold belief as a powerful tool that we can use to create our reality, and with this deck you'll be inspired to explore new realms of meaning.