Vaesen Nordic Horror RPG

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Welcome to the Mythic North – northern Europe of the nineteenth century, but not as we know it today. A land where the myths are real. A cold reach covered by vast forests, its few cities lonely beacons of industry and enlightenment – a new civilization dawning. But in the countryside, the old ways still hold sway. There, people know what lurks in the dark. They know to fear it. Vaesen — Nordic Horror Roleplaying is based on the work of Swedish illustrator and author Johan Egerkrans, Vaesen presents a dark Gothic setting steeped in Nordic folklore and old myths of Scandinavia. The game mechanics use an adapted version of the award-winning Year Zero Engine.
Key features:
• Nine ready to use archetypes lets you create a character in minutes – or use the included life path tables and let the dice decide.
• Quick and flavorful rules for combat, investigations and horror.
• Rules for developing the player characters’ mansion in campaign play.
• A detailed gazetteer of the Mythic North setting and the town of Upsala.
• A score of bloodcurdling vaesen to encounter, all beautifully illustrated by Johan Egerkrans.
• An introductory Mystery called The Dance of Dreams.