1000 Pc Joly, Jourdan: Faded

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As an artist Jourdan Joly says he likes "to create work that makes people double take or second guess what they are seeing. I want to make something that intrigues people to wonder." His resin-cast ice creams and macarons fall into that category, made in all colors of the rainbow and beyond. Unlike the real thing, they last forever, even when half-melted. He started casting ice creams in 2012, inspired by fake food items popular in Japan. He started resin casting as an undergraduate, at Florida State University, where he got his bachelor of fine arts degree, then continued to expand and refine his understanding of the medium while in the master of fine arts program at the University of Georgia. Resin is durable and he can add color to it, which he likes, but it sets extremely quickly, so he has to work fast and plan ahead.