Cute Dinosaurs Coloring Book

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It's dinosaur coloring fun for everyone! Children will be engaged and entertained for hours, coloring dozens of friendly dinosaurs. (And a few fierce ones, too!) Coloring book features fun cartoon-style dinosaur pictures. Explore 35 amazing, adorable, and awesome dinosaur scenes! Every page is different! Color baby dinosaurs, undersea dinosaurs, flying dinosaurs, Tyrannosauruses, Brontosauruses, Velociraptors, and more. Appealing dinosaur pictures are ready to be brought to life with bright, bold colors. Let your imagination soar like a pterodactyl! Bold outlines are printed on only one side of each page. Pages are perforated for easy removal and use. Thick, high-quality paper. Hours of coloring fun! Sturdy paperback binding. Coloring book measures 8-1/2'' wide x 11'' high. 72