D&D 5E Essentials Kit

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  • 64-page rulebook that teaches how to create characters of levels 1–6 and play the game. Includes the introduction of sidekick rules.
  • Dragon of Icespire Peak™, a 64-page introductory adventure
  • Double-sided poster map for use with the Dragon of Icespire Peak™ adventure (21” x 15”)
  • Four-panel, folding Dungeon Master’s screen (33" × 8.5")
  • 6 blank character sheets
  • 11 polyhedral dice
  • 81 cards describing magic items, sidekicks, and other D&D game elements, plus a folding box to hold all the cards
  • Codes for D&D Beyond, the official digital toolset for D&D

The D&D Essentials Kit is the ideal second purchase for new players that have bought the Starter Set. With the Essentials Kit, new players will learn to create characters of levels 1–6 and experience the thrill of being the Dungeon Masters.

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    Great for beginner DMs and Players!

    Posted by Angela B. on Jan 2nd 2021

    I purchased this kit by ordering it online and picking up at the new location on Foster between 71st and 72nd.

    I had dreams of grandeur for my first campaign. I wanted to build a whole world based on my hometown, with political intrigue, cults, and possible betrayl by NPC sidekicks. Then I realized I have no idea how to run a campaign outside of telling a compelling story.. This kit is a great intro for me and my players, with "heroes wanted" style missions from a home base town, ending with a big bad guy. It will help my players move from level 1 to level 6, but I may stop at level 3 if they're not into a longer campaign. Lots of guidance, but also lots of freedom and flexibility.

    The kit provides me with a DM screen, which was super help in game, cards that describe battles and each adventure, and stats for NPCs to join as sidekicks.

    The folks at RCG also freaking rock!