My Very First Games Forest Friends

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Mia Mouse and her friends play hide and seek in the forest. Look through the peep holes in the forest and help Mia Mouse search! Wasn't there just a rustle behind the tree? And there are footprints in this puddle. Who could they belong to? Maybe Ronja Deer, Suri Dormouse, and the rest of the gang in the dense leafy undergrowth?

Discover Free Play and Details
In Forest Friends your child can engage with the game materials during free play. Play along! Discover the pictures on the game materials together and talk to your child about them. Ask your child what they recognize and encourage them to name things. Talk to them about which animals they have already seen or heard in the forest. And just like that you're already role playing with your child.

1-4 Players, Age 2+, 5-10 Minutes