Nine Arches Legacy Edition

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Adventure Awaits...
Our first edition is equipped with everything you and your crew need to hatch your quest and generate endless moments of joy, mischief and merriment.


• 52 mystical quest cards, all hand drawn with love

• Official guidebook brimming with ancient wisdom

• Bonus journal to document all capers and hijinks

• Four Enamel Collector Pins, Bandanna, Tin Box + Bonus Goodies

Your path to vitality and the adventurous life, the four power suits in the Nine Arches deck are designed to spark moments of joy, wonder, and meaningful connections. Shuffled together, and played alone or paired in combinations, your adventure cards across these four suits will trigger the most wild, surreal and meaningful experiences. Best of all, sharing your moments will inspire others in our community and beyond to answer the call to adventure and embark on their own quests.