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Explore the wilds of the North from dewy dawn to dreamy dusk. Keep your camera ready as the most impressive panorama wins the day!

The dew glistens on the grass, the mist hangs over the valley, and the haunting bellow of a solitary moose echoes off the mountains. You’re setting off on an overnight hike, your trusty camera in your hand, in hope of capturing an image of this beautifully remote place.

Work together to build an awe-inspiring horizon. During the game, you will select cards to add to your panoramas. Art the end of the game, cards score points based on their relationships to other cards. You will also score points by winning awards.

Panorama is easy to learn with elegant rules! Choose a card from your hand, add it to one of your panoramas, then pass the rest to your neighbor. Cards score based on other cards in your panoramas!

1-6 Players, Age 8+, 20 Minutes