Set of 4 Commander Masters Decks

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4 COMMANDER DECKS—this bundle includes all 4 Commander Masters Commander Decks, with 1 Eldrazi Unbound, 1 Enduring Enchantments, 1 Planeswalker Party, and 1 Sliver Swarm; each 100-card deck contains 2 Foil Legendary cards and 98 nonfoil cards

This bundle includes all 4 Commander Masters Commander Decks—1 Eldrazi Unbound (Colorless Deck), 1 Enduring Enchantments (White-Black-Green Deck), 1 Planeswalker Party (Blue-Red-White Deck), and 1 Sliver Swarm (White-Blue-Black-Red-Green Deck). Each deck set includes 1 ready-to-play deck of 100 Magic cards (2 Traditional Foil Legendary cards, 98 nonfoil cards), a 2-card Collector Booster Sample Pack, 1 foil-etched Display Commander (a thick cardstock copy of the commander card with foil etched into the card’s border and art), 10 double-sided tokens, 1 Helper card, 1 deck box (can hold 100 sleeved cards), 1 Life Wheel, 1 strategy insert, and 1 reference card.