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A rental copy of The Bear Game

The Bear Game is a comedically styled card game inspired by Battle Royales, Russian Roulette, and our other favorite party games. It’s got bears that attack, bears that defend, and bears that kill you. It's got it all really.

Players must either outlast their opponents or be the first to obtain 12 cards. But you must beware of the Evil Bear cards. If drawn, you’ll have to face the deadly consequences or hope someone (including yourself) can save you with a Bear Mace card. The other cards included will allow you to gain more cards, attack your opponents, hurt yourself, switch up the physical setting, and even accuse opponents of cheating! While playing you’ll run into familiar characters, but with a fun and cartoonish art style. This 2-6 player game can be strategic, chaotic, and most definitely fun.

2-6 Players, Age 14+, 25-30 Minutes