Rental: Bob's Burgers Belcher Family Food Fight

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One of the Belchers left the walk-in fridge ajar, causing all of Bob’s burgers’ Food to go bad! While Tina and Louise blame Gene, he claims it’s Linda, but she guilts Bob…and before you know it, the finger-pointing turns into all-out food flinging! Get in on the messy melee by grabbing dice and tossing ingredients to clear your plate. Be the first player with three Golden Spatulas to win the Belcher Family Food Fight!

Roll the dice to start flinging food at the other players. Whether you splatter them with tomatoes or cover them with cheese, the winner of the round is the player who empties their plate first. It is a simultaneous game of good "clean" messy fun.

3 games in 1. Also includes Family Style Dinner and Best Burger Builder game types.

3-6 Players, age 8+, 10-15 Minutes