Rental: Gensmak!

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A party trivia game for everyone. That happens to be trivia. With strategy & hints by comedians. Designed for people of all ages to play. Even trivia skeptics.

Win by being the first to twenty points and correctly answering one question from every generation, so be strategic! Pay attention to the categories and difficulty levels of the cards you choose as you chart your path to glory— the game changes with every card.

Don’t know the answer? Take the hint! Our hints are mini logic problems and plays on words that give you a fighting chance at getting the answer right every time, even if you don't get the reference. It’s a big reason people love the game, even those who typically hate trivia! As one fan says, “It’s like TikTok and Jeopardy had a love child!”

Enjoy hours of laughter, nostalgia, stories, and surprise with your favorite people. Love it or we’ll refund your money. No cap.

2-10 Players, Age 12+, 30 Minutes