Serpent's Tooth

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An ancient monarch, a star quarterback, the ceo of a dot-com empire …
In Serpent’s Tooth, we create a story about a King in the twilight of their rule. One of us plays the King, the rest of us play members of the court, each with a hidden nature and able to seize the King’s power for their own. We will discover the fate of the King, the fate of the Kingdom, and what power does to the powerful.

Serpent’s Tooth is a tabletop game of collaborative storytelling. We choose a King, create a Kingdom to rule, then play out a series of scenes to discover what happens.

At the start of the game the King possesses three Regalia: a crown, castle, and sword, that give them authority over the characters, places, and threats in the kingdom. Like a Game Master in a traditional role-playing game, the king wields vast power over their Kingdom.

The rest of us play members of the Kings Court. We might begin as subservient nobles, losers, jocks, or lowly dish-dogs at a fast food restaurant, but when we seize the King’s Regalia, we seize the Narrative Authority that goes with it. Serpent’s Tooth is fun, fast, and a little profound. It is both a love letter to the golden age of RPGs, and an exploration of what it means to rule.