The Magical Land of Yeld Mermaid Hunters RPG Starter Set

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Mermaid Hunters is designed to be a perfect introduction to the all-ages Yeld RPG. We know that starting a new role playing game can be difficult, so the Mermaid Hunters starter set gives you everything you need to begin your adventures in Yeld! In Mermaid Hunters you and your friends will create child characters and discover a secret door leading to The Magical Land of Yeld. Explore the strange new world, discover treasure and help the people of Lake Town fight off a wicked Mermaid Gang!

The Mermaid Hunters box set includes:

- A full color 80+ page Yeld Rule Book, including rules for creating characters, planning adventures, solving conflicts, fighting monsters and more! This Rule Book is easy to understand and packed full of instructional comics to help new players get started fast! The book also includes a 3-part Rank 0 Adventure to get you started in Yeld, as well as monsters, spells, items and weapons, NPCs, comics and more! Play the Mermaid Hunters adventures, then create your own stories as you explore Yeld!


  •  A fold out paper Action Board for fights!
  •  18 high quality full-color 1.5 inch Characters and Monsters tokens! 
  •  Full color Character Sheets and a Cheat Sheet!
  •  A cool 9 x 12 inch box large enough to hold not just the entire set, but also your Yeld Rulebook and all your Yeld expansions!